SkinMedica Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are common ways to heighten skin health by removing damaged outer layers.  New skin cells emerge naturally and with a glowing appearance.  Although the idea of chemical peels sometimes makes people cringe, it is important to realize how new scientific breakthroughs have altered the way these procedures work.  SilkeySkinMD is proud to provide patients the latest chemical peels by SkinMedica.  Illuminize and Rejuvenize are just two of the treatments offered, which provide positive results without downtime.

Illuminize and Rejuvenize Peels

Illuminize and Rejuvenize are two of the most gentle and comprehensive peels in the SkinMedica line.  After one treatment, skin immediately has a heightened radiance that gets better with time.  To even pigmentation, correct minor blemishes, and erase fine wrinkles, acne scars, and sun damage, these peels work well. Incorporating an Illuminize or Rejuvenize Peel into a skincare regime every few months will help maintain soft and youthful skin.

Illuminize and Rejuvenize Key Ingredients for Top Skin Renewal

  • Salicylic Acid:  exfoliates and lowers inflammation
  • Resorcinol: allows salicylic acid to penetrate deeper for longer and more dramatic effects
  • Panthenol:  part of the vitamin B family that provides moisture
  • Isoceteth-20:  creates a uniform peel while controlling the penetration of salicylic acid, which lowers skin irritation and brings optimal results
  • Retinol:  vitamin A compound that increases collagen production

Both Illuminize and Rejuvenize offer advantages over other chemical peels. Besides a mild pinching sensation upon initial application, these treatments cause little pain.  Neither peel requires downtime for recovery, so patients can quickly return to regular activity.  Illuminize brings minor visible side effects, but Rejuvenize causes peeling after three days.  Moisturizer may be applied to soothe the flaking skin.  Since these chemical peels are less harsh than other treatments, they can be used on patients of multiple skin types and tones.

The Perfect Illuminize and Rejuvenize Candidate

Rejuvenize is an appropriate choice for patients affected with moderate to severe imperfections.  This peel treats visible problems related to aging, sun exposure, and uneven pigmentation.

Illuminize should be used by patients who want to soften the look of fine wrinkles or minor sun damage.  It is a smart choice for people who have never undergone other chemical peels.  During an initial consultation with an expert from SilkeySkinMD, it is possible to create a customized treatment plan and achieve specific goals.

The Illuminize and Rejuvenize Consultation

Before each treatment, SilkeySkinMD arranges a one-on-one consultation to examine the skin and document individual medical history.  After discussing goals, a skilled expert explains chemical peel options and recommends the best treatment for healthy skin.

The Illuminize and Rejuvenize Peel Process

Following a consultation with a SilkeySkinMD facial aesthetics expert, the chemical peel process can commence.  Before treatment, it is vital to stay out of the sun and avoid skin irritation caused by hair removal techniques or other exfoliating products.  A skin care specialist will clean the skin to get rid of remaining dirt and oil. The peeling solution will be placed over the face, and the treatment is completed in minutes. Rejuvenize is self-neutralizing.  This means there is no chance of burning, and the chemicals can stay on the skin until they are washed away six hours later.

To maintain the health of your skin and assure success of the peel, it is recommended to use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight for one week following treatment.  Skin will be extremely sensitive after both procedures.  It is possible to wear makeup following an Illuminize peel, but it is better to hold off on cosmetics for a few days following a Rejuvenize peel.  With Rejuvenize, the skin will flake away three to five days after initial chemical application. To ease the process, moisturizer may be used.

Results from an Illuminize or Rejuvenize Peel

Illuminize is a very gentle chemical peel, so patients rarely experience visible peeling.  Following treatment, skin will have an extra glow and tightened appearance.  Optimum results can be achieved following a series of six peels.  Since Illuminize is not harsh, it can be repeated every two weeks.

Peeling from Rejuvenize generally begins 48 hours after chemical application and may last up to five days.  Allowing skin to peel on its own will prevent scarring. For maximum comfort during healing, patients are advised to use a gentle cleanser, moisturize, and ice warm skin.  In approximately one week, the skin will enjoy less fine lines and wrinkles, and texture and color will gain clarity as well.  Since results are cumulative, it may be necessary to receive more than one treatment.  Rejuvenize is commonly repeated every six weeks.

Possible Complications from Illuminize and Rejuvenize

Both Illuminize and Rejuvenize are less harsh than other chemical peels.  Few complications are reported.  SilkeySkinMD employs experienced individuals who understand and practice the safest techniques to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Minor side effects of Illuminze include slight redness a few hours following treatment.  Rejuvenize is a stronger peel. Certain side effects are to be expected but only last a short time.  For instance, the retinol ingredient may cause the skin to yellow, but this fades quickly. It is also common for redness and a warm sensation to flood the face a few days after the peel.  Patients with sensitive skin may experience mild swelling around the eye area as well. During your initial consultation, your skin care specialist will explain all possible risks associated with Illuminize and Rejuvenize.

The Best Chemical Peel Provider in northern Utah

Northern Utah is filled with providers who perform chemical peels, but SilkeySkinMD tops the list.  We are proud to offer products from SkinMedica.  Illuminize and Rejuvenize are two of the most popular chemical peels in the line.  Both provide rejuvenated skin without necessary recovery time and bring positive results with few side effects.  We are happy to answer questions and provide further information by phone at our Kaysville office at 801-882-2200.

Illuminize and Rejuvenize FAQs

What are Illuminize and Rejuvenize?

Both these products are chemical peels designed to be less harsh on the skin than other treatments.  They are made to eradicate skin imperfections and provide a glowing complexion.

What are the Benefits of Illuminize and Rejuvenize?

Both chemical peels require no downtime after application and correct uneven pigment, erase fine wrinkles and acne scars, and correct sun damage without pain.  They are safe for use on multiple skin types and ethnicities.

Can Illumizine and Rejuvemize Be Used on Other Body Parts?

Yes.  Since both peels are gentler than others, they bring positive results on the face and other body parts. Even sensitive areas like the chest are safe.

How do Illuminize and Rejuvenize Work?

Both chemical peels absorb into the outer layers of the skin.  As they dry, agitation causes the visible layer to fall away and leave behind fresh, clear, healthy skin.

Why Select Illuminize and Rejuvenize at SilkeySkinMD?

SilkeySkinMD has great experience performing chemical treatments.  Illuminize and Rejuvenize are two of the safest and gentlest peels available. 

Who is a Good Candidate for Illuminize and Rejuvenize?

A first-time chemical peel patient with mild skin problems is a prime candidate for Illuminize.  A patient with more severe imperfections will appreciate the benefits of Rejuvenize.

Is Pre-Treating Required Before Illuminize and Rejuvenize?

There are no pre-treatments necessary with Illuminize or Rejuvenize.  However, it is advised to avoid irritating products one week prior to visiting SilkeySkinMD. As the procedure nears, our expert staff will inform you of how to prepare for either treatment.

How is Illuminize and Rejuvenize Performed?

It takes less than 20 minutes to apply Illuminize. Upon initial contact, the skin may feel warm, but it is possible to resume normal activities immediately.  Rejuvenize application takes minutes as well.  However, it is necessary to wash the face after six hours.  All patients receive instruction for aftercare from our certified skin care experts.

Will Illuminize or Rejuvenize Hurt?

Since both chemical peels are considered gentle, there is little pain associated with either treatment.  However, it is not uncommon to feel a slight tingle during application.

Can I Wear makeup Following Illuminize or Rejuvenize?

Since Illuminize does not cause peeling, makeup may mask side effects.  On the other hand, Rejuvenize will cause peeling that cannot be covered by cosmetics.  Instead, it is recommended to apply moisturizer.

What Can I Expect from my Recovery After Illuminize and Rejuvenize?

There is usually no recovery associated with Illuminize.  Besides mild redness, no other side effects occur.  Peeling with Rejuvenize usually happens two days after treatment and  lasts up to a week.  To care for treated skin, it is advised to wear sunscreen, use a gentle cleanser, and moisturize. Both treatments bring rejuvenated and youthful looking skin.

When Can I Return to Work Following Illuminize or Rejuvenize?

After both peels, a person can immediately return to work.  However, a patient may opt to remain at home when the Rejuvenize treatment begins to peel. 

How Long Will Results Last?

Proper aftercare elongates results from both chemical peels.  Thanks to the deep exfoliation of Rejuvenize, results may last several months. To maintain optimum benefits, cumulative treatments are recommended.  Illuminize can be repeated every two weeks, and Rejuvenize can be repeated every six weeks.

How Soon Will I See Results from Illuminize and Rejuvenize?

A patient sees immediate results following both chemical peels.  Skin will appear tight and radiant.

Who Should NOT Receive Illuminize or Rejuvenize?

During a consultation with SilkeySkinMD, each patient’s personal circumstances will be considered before any treatment is performed.  In general, neither peel should be used on patients with open wounds, sunburn, excessively sensitive skin, or other skin conditions.  Also, anyone who has recently taken Accutane for acne or received cancer treatments should avoid both treatments. Pregnant women should stay away as well.

Are SilkeySkinMD’s Chemical Peels Affordable?

Although certain chemical treatments can be very expensive, Illuminize and Rejuvenize procedures are quite affordable.  To make things easier, we provide numerous payment options.

How Can I Pay for Illuminize or Rejuvenize?

Our practice accepts cash and credit cards.  To help patients fit treatments into individual budgets, we try to create special payment plans for extra convenience.