SculpSure is a non-invasive fat removal device that uses heat to open and dissolve the fat cells on any body part.

There is cool sculpting that uses freezing but unfortunately can cause some nerve damage so Iwaited for the technology to get even better and after thorough research I decided to go with SculpSure as my non invasive fat removal device. It is JUST AS EFFECTIVE as Cool Sculpting. So why would I go for a different device that does not have the "notoriety"?

Because SculpSure is medically better. I am a physician first and, I offer services and devices that first of all is SAFEST as well as MOST EFFECTIVE.

The device reduces fat on average by 25% in the area treated! Multiple treatments can be done if needed and at a reduced cost for multiple areas or treatments

It is better than cool sculpting for 4 reasons.

  1. No nerve damage with SculpSure because there is no "freeze thaw" cycle of the nerves in area. (Think of frost bite). Some Cool Scuplting patients even require pain medicine long term to deal with the nerve pain. There is NO nerve pain or nerve damage with SculpSure because you tell us if it is too hot......whereas the cold temperatures you get "numb" so we don't know if it is too cold. The cold temperatures cause a nerve change to the covering around the nerve (called myelin) this is usually not permanent but can be very irritating/annoying/painful as it regrows and can take quite awhile to improve.  
  2. Sculp Sure uses heat there is skin tightening on the area treated (which cool sculpting does not provide with the cold temps). Does anyone want the skin tight on the area of fat loss???? I think so!!!
  3. Cool sculpting can be uncomfortable. Average pain rating 5-6/10. The average pain rating for SculpSure is 2/10 and can be turned down to provide comfort.
  4. Cool Sculpting can leave "pots" or what is commonly called "shark bites" because the cold temperatures stay in one suctioned location on the body. So the fat lose is not "feathered in". In other words, there can be a sharp line or pot where the fat was treated vs not treated. SculpSures heated approach has a feathering effect so there is NEVER a sharp line or pot/shark bite and the fat loss is distributed a small area up and down where it is treated from. This gives a SMOOTH fat loss (think Silkey Smooth!)

We are amplifiying OUR results by offering some things that no one else is offering

A "lipoboost" injection which is a vitamin and amino acid combination that mobilizes the fat for clearance more quickly. It is completely safe and effective. We also offer a medically supervised weight reduction program for those desiring global weigh reduction as well as treatment of stubborn areas.

Before and After Photos

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