Restylane® at SilkeySkinMD

There is little that can be done to eliminate the pesky wrinkles that start to appear with age.  As the skin’s natural stores of fat and collagen are depleted, tissue will loose its elasticity, slowly pulling down on the face.  When coupled with weight fluctuations, stress, and genetic disposition, the lines can add uneccesary years on to the appearance.  While there is no way to turn back the clock, Restylane at SilkeySkinMD can certainly outsmart it.


Restylane is a dermal filler, is used to improve the look of static wrinkles (those caused by lax tissues), as well as fill in areas of lost volume.  With one treatment, tissues are plumped and wrinkles erased for up to nine months.  Restylane is comprised of Hyaluronic Acid, a vital building block of healthy skin.  HA will trigger the body’s natural collagen production, which will in turn, continue to improve the benefits of treatment for months to come.

The dermal filler is also excellent at plumping the lips.  Restylane can redefine the lips to a healthy fullness.  It is the only product approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for lip enhancement.

Restylane will:

  • Even out deep facial creases
  • Improve fine lines
  • Smooth acne scarring
  • Plump the lips
  • Provide facial volume and symmetry
  • Smooth tissues around the eyes

The Ideal Candidate for Restylane

Anyone unhappy with their appearance, and looking to add volume to their features, may find great results with Restylane.  It is safe for all skin types and ethnicities.  The ideal candidate will be in good health, understand the Restylane process, and have realistic expectations for their results.  During the SilkeySkinMD consultation, we will help each patient decide if the injectable is right for their situation.

The Restylane Consultation

Prior to scheduling any aesthetic procedure, SilkeySkinMD recommends a consultation appointment with one of our experienced and licensed medical professionals.  During this time, a brief skin evaluation can be done, medical history reviewed, and any current medications discussed.  The Restylane procedure will be explained, and patients can see before and after photos of patients.  Once Restylane has been determined to be the correct product to meet the desired results, an individualized treatment plan will be established.

Restylane Injections

At SilkeySkinMD, a session with Restylane will take less than 30 minutes to complete.  Once the targeted areas of the face have been determined, Restylane will be administered with a very thin needle.  Restylane contains Lidocaine, an anesthetic, so injections are not painful.  If needed, however, a topical or local anesthetic can be used prior to treatment.

Patients are free to return to work, school, and all of their usual activities immediately after a Restylane treatment.  It is important that patients do not manipulated or rub the treated area for the first 78 hours, as the injectable may be dispersed to surrounding tissues.

The Restylane Results

Minor redness and swelling are common after Restylane injections, although these will resolve over the first couple of days.  Immediately after treatment, the benefits of Restylane will be apparent.  Over the following weeks, as the swelling subsides and the body’s Collagen production is sparked, the results will continue to improve.  The benefits from Restylane will last between six and nine months before beginning to fade.  A repeat Restylane session can be used to maintain the beautiful benefits from treatment.

Potential Complications from Restylane

While Restylane is an extremely safe and effective dermal filler, there is always the chance for mild side effects.  These may include redness, bruising, and mild swelling.  When using an experienced provider, such as SilkeySkinMD, more serious complications from Restylane are rare.  However, issues such as scarring, facial asymmetry, and nerve damage can occur.  SilkeySkinMD is one of the country’s most experienced Restylane providers, and guarantees patients the safest procedure available today.

Restylane Q&A

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a popular dermal filler, comprised of Hyaluronic Acid.  The injectable will resolve the facial creases and loss of volume that occurs with age.  It will also plump and enhance the lips.

Who is the ideal candidate for a treatment with Restylane?

Anyone frustrated by the appearance of static wrinkles (caused by lax tissue) and volume loss, in good health, and with reasonable expectations can make a good candidate for Restylane.

Where will my Restylane treatment be performed?

Located in Kaysville, Utah, SilkeySkinMD performs all injectables in one of our private, comfortable treatment rooms.

Why choose a treatment with Restylane at SilkeySkinMD?

With our experience and skill, coupled with the benefits of Restylane, a youthful appearance can be restored.

How is a procedure with Restylane performed?

Restylane is placed into predetermined areas of the face with a very small needle.

How long does a treatment with Restylane take to perform?

A session with Restylane will take less than 30 minutes in the SilkeySkinMD office.

How long will the results of Restylane last?

The benefits of Restylane are immediately apparent, and depending on the treatment area, can last from six to nine months.

Are injections with Restylane painful?

No, Restylane injections are not considered painful.

Is any anesthesia used during Restylane injections?

Restylane is premixed with Lidocaine, however SilkeySkinMD may use a topical or local anesthetic prior to performing the injections.

What can be expected from the recovery period, after Restylane injections?

Immediately after treatment, the treatment area may appear mildly red and swollen.  These will generally fade over the first couple days.

When can I return to work, after a treatment with Restylane?

Patients can return to their normal activities, including work or school, immediately after a Restylane treatment.

What are the risks of Restylane?

Restylane is a safe and effective dermal filler.  Complications, although rare, can include facial asymmetry, scarring, and nerve damage.

Are Restylane injections affordable?

Yes, Restylane injections can be afforded on most budgets.  With results lasting nine months or longer, Restylane is a excellent value for the cost.

What are my payment choices, after receiving Restylane injections?

For patient convenience, SilkeySkinMD accepts cash and all major credit cards. To further discuss the ways to pay, contact our office.