LipoFlow and LipoLife

Experience the hottest body contouring procedure on the market at the only office in Utah that offers it!

Sometimes no matter how hard you exercise, no matter what diet you try, you can’t seem to get stubborn areas of fat to disappear. Our LipoLife and LipoFlow procedures are amazing treatment options for those struggling with this problem and who are wanting a treatment that is gentler, quicker, and requires less downtime than traditional liposuction, while still providing optimal results. LipoLife and LipoFlow are the newest and most innovative procedures in the world of body contouring and sculpting right now, and we are the only office in the state of Utah that performs them!

LipoLife: Laser Assisted Lipolysis

This in-office procedure is a precise treatment suitable for any area you have unwanted fat. From delicate areas like the neck and jawline to larger areas like arms, legs, and buttocks, LipoLife can help you achieve your desired shape.

LipoFlow: Fat Harvesting, Fat Transfer, and Fat Re-Injection for Aesthetic Body Contouring

With the optional addition of LipoFlow, we can remove fat from one area of your body and utilize it as a “filler” to quickly and safely add volume to another area—all within the same treatment.  

You deserve to LOVE your shape! Call us today for more information and to book a free LipoLife and/or LipoFlow consult.



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