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In the health field, there are a lot of medical terms and titles you will come across, one being a cosmetic and restorative skincare surgeon. A cosmetic and restorative skincare surgeon treats the hair, nails and skin using innovative laser technology and products to improve a patient’s appearance. Cosmetic and restorative skincare surgeon are trained to treat skin affected by aging, stress and anxiety, hereditary skin problems and environmental factors.

Top Factors that Effect Skin, Hair and Nails

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  • Age – As a person ages, he or she will notice a change in the elasticity and color of his or her skin. Age factors into the wrinkles a person may see around the eyes, mouth and neck. The skin’s natural collagen diminishes over time, so cosmetic and restorative skincare surgeon have spent many years researching substances and technology that produce the best results for young, radiant skin, hair and nails. 
  • Stress and anxiety – Stressful days and restless nights take a toll on a person’s overall appearance. Many skin problems, such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis and eczema, are triggered by stress and anxiety. 
  • Heredity – Many cosmetic problems are inherited. A cosmetic and restorative skincare surgeon can help a patient identify the cause of skin pigmentation problems, hair loss, psoriasis and eczema or other skin and hair issues that might have been passed down by a member of the family.
  • Environment – Excessive exposure to sun or UV rays speed up your skin’s age, causing dark spots and wrinkles. Seasonal changes also take a toll on skin and hair. 

No matter the cause, cosmetic and restorative skincare surgeon provide top-notch and effective surgical and non-surgical treatments to give a patient bright and youthful looking skin. Products offered at SilkeySkinMD include the following:

Our cosmetic and restorative skincare surgeons offer in-office and take-home treatments. With the right treatment and results, patients feel more confident and happy, improving overall wellbeing and happiness.

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