BioIdentical Hormone Therapy

At SilkySkinM.D., our Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy treatment program is a comprehensive health plan of action. Compare programs carefully if you want good results. This is not just labs, a quick exam and a prescription. Dr Silkey performs a comprehensive personal history, a full physical exam, complete laboratory data analysis, body composition analysis, and integrative treatment recommendations (including any prescriptions needed).

Our fee also includes a full nutritional plan including dietary recommendations based on your preferences and health goals. Dr Silkey has advanced training in therapeutic nutritional medicine and provides a complete program based on your goals, preferences and exam above.

Our fee also includes a 1 week personalized training session with our certified personal trainer.

Our trainer will receive a prescription from Dr Silkey for training that is specific to you and your needs. Bio-identical hormones alone will not rejuvenate your health without a comprehensive plan that includes dietary recommendations and a comprehensive exercise plan. This is a problem with “low-T” and  “anti-aging” clinics.

Do NOT worry if you have medical problems or physical restrictions. This is MEDICAL FITNESS. It is designed for either someone with medical issues or someone who values a comprehensive plan with their specific goals in mind.  Medical Fitness is prescribed by Dr Silkey and Dr Silkey is actually present for your initial training session to ensure safety. This program allows someone with medical issues (knee issues,asthma, obesity, etc...) to get an exercise routine started with professional guidance. It also allows the elite athlete to get a personalized approach to ramp up his/her fitness routine. If you would like to continue your personalized training sessions with our trainer you may purchase a package. Our trainer will be in daily contact with Dr Silkey and Dr Silkey is available on site on most days of the week for your safety and guidance.

Please note, a detailed history and physical exam are always performed before any treatment recommendations can be given. The treatment plan is developed based on your symptoms, your physical exam, and any medical conditions present. Prescriptions will be provided at you comprehensive visit. Dr Silkey prides herself on offering a comprehensive package that will address your health not just address one issue. She is a firm believer in treating the root cause of the issues and not just chasing your symptoms. You cannot get that from an “anti-aging” or typical “hormone” clinic. This is the real deal not just another band-aid.

To streamline the process, please have a copy of any recent labs at your initial exam. If you have not had any labs drawn recently then we can order these for you before your appointment. Please note that, we will order a panel based on your symptoms but when Dr Silkey examines you or talks to you, more labs specific for you may need to be drawn. We can also start with the history and exam but will not be able to provide a complete treatment plan until we analyze those results.

Any necessary medications that is prescribed by Dr Silkey is available to you directly from your pharmacy or if a specialized compounding prep is needed then home delivery is arranged.
Lab testing, physical exams, and evaluation will also be performed on an ongoing basis to determine if adjustments are needed to optimize your results.  As a patient here at SilkeySkinMD, we are always available to you should you have any questions along the way on the road to rejuvenated life!