Belotero® at SilkeySkinMD

As people age, their tissues can begin to lose elasticity and shape.  This can eventually make the face look unhappy or angry, betraying how good someone may feel inside.  On top of the natural increase in laxity, issues like stress, chemical exposure, weight fluctuations, and genetics can compound these wrinkles.  While there are lots of over the counter products that claim to eliminate facial lines, none can actually make much difference.  However, dermal fillers are a family of injectables designed to restore a youthful, lifted, taut look in just minutes.  SilkeySkinMD has the newest filler on the market, Belotero, in our arsenal; we are ready to help patients win the war against wrinkles.


New to the world of dermal fillers, Belotero can significantly improve the appearance by eliminating fine lines around the mouth and eyes.  Comprised of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Belotero will plump the existing tissues to even out facial creases.  The filler will also replace lost volume under the eyes and along the cheeks.  The shape and contours of healthy features can be restored after one treatment.  While the benefits of Belotero are seen right away, as the body’s collagen supply is grows, the results will continue to improve.

Belotero can significantly improve:

  • Crow’s Feet
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Marionette Lines
  • ‘Hollow’ Cheekbones
  • Lip Lines

The Ideal Candidate for Belotero:

Anyone who is experiencing fine lines around the mouth or eyes, as well as hollow areas underneath the eyes and a loss of volume along the cheeks, can benefit from Belotero.  The injectable is safe for all skin types and ethnicities.  Patients in good health, who understand treatment with dermal fillers, and hold reasonable expectations for their results, can make an excellent candidate for treatment with Belotero.  Patient with an active skin condition, such as pimples, rash, cysts, cold sores, and hives, should postpone their Belotero treatment until it has completely cleared.

The Belotero Consultation

Before scheduling a Belotero session, an initial consultation will be scheduled with one of the professionals at SilkeySkinMD.  At this appointment, a brief exam of the skin and facial anatomy will be performed, and the patient’s medical history will be reviewed.  The Belotero treatment process will be fully explained; the benefits and potential side effects will also be discussed.  When Belotero is determined to be the right procedure for an individual patient, a unique treatment plan will be created.

Belotero Injections

A Belotero session will take less than 30 minutes in one of SilkeySkinMD’s comfortable patient rooms.  Once the treatment area has been determined, the Belotero will be administered with a very small needle.  The injections are not considered painful, although a topical or local anesthetic may be applied before treatment, to maximize patient comfort.  No downtime is necessary after a Belotero treatment.  That same afternoon, patients can return to work or school, as well as all other daily activities.  Immediately after the injections, minor redness, swelling, and mild bruising may be seen throughout the treatment site.

Results from Belotero

The skin will be fuller and the wrinkles smoothed immediately after treatment.  The full results from Belotero will be seen in two to three weeks.  These will continue to improve as the body’s natural supply of collagen increases.  Results can last from five to seven months, possibly even longer.  Once the benefits start to fade, a quick repeat Belotero treatment will maintain the results.

Potential Complications from Belotero

Belotero is extremely safe, but should always be provided by an experienced aesthetic provider.  Side effects of the injections may include redness, minor swelling, and bruising; these will generally resolve over the next seven to fourteen days.  It is not uncommon for the muscle to become temporarily ‘hardened’ for about a week after treatment.  Serious complications are rare, but can include infection, facial asymmetry, and nerve damage.

Frequently Asked Belotero Questions 

What is Belotero?

Belotero is a dermal filler, comprised of Hyaluronic Acid.  It effectively rids the face of static wrinkles while restoring areas of lost volume.

Who is the ideal candidate for a treatment with Belotero?

Anyone in good health, with an understanding of the Belotero treatment process, and holds realistic expectations for the results, can make an excellent candidate for treatment.

Where are Belotero injections performed?

SilkeySkinMD performs Belotero, and all other aesthetic treatments, in our Kaysville area office.

Why choose a Belotero treatment at SilkeySkinMd?

SilkeySkinMD has more experience with injectables than other aesthetic practices.  Our skill, combined with Belotero’s amazing wrinkle-reducing ability, provides patients the best results, with the least complications available.

How is a procedure with Belotero performed?

During the consultation, treatment areas will be established.  Next, the Belotero will be administered through a fine needle.

How long does a treatment with Belotero take to complete?

The treatment with Belotero, as SilkeySkinMD, will take less than 30 minutes in our office.

How long will the results of Belotero last?

Satisfying results from Belotero can last from six to nine months, possibly even longer.  Patients should return to SilkeySkinMD for a follow-up set of injections, once the benefits of Belotero have started to fade.

Are injections with Belotero painful?

Belotero injections are understood to be painless.  For those patients who prefer additional comfort, a local or topical anesthetic can be requested.

Is any anesthesia used during a Belotero session?

Not normally, but if additional comfort is necessary, a topical numbing cream or a local anesthetic may be used, as well.

What can be expected from the recovery period, after Belotero injections?

Patients are able to return to their normal routine immediately after Belotero injections.  The injection site may be mildly red or swollen, but these side effects will quickly clear up.

When can I return to work after a treatment with Belotero?

After receiving Belotero, patients can return to work or school the same afternoon.

What are the risks of Belotero injections?

Belotero is considered to be a safe dermal filler, when applied by an experienced professional.  Side effects are mild and include redness, itching, and bruising.  While rare, more serious complications can include facial asymmetry or nerve damage.

Is Belotero affordable?

SilkeySkinMD is happy to say that Belotero can be affordable on most budgets.  The results last from six to nine months, or even longer, making Belotero an excellent investment in your personal appearance.

What are my payment options after a Belotero session?

To give our patients flexibility with their payments, SilkeySkinMD accepts cash and all major credit cards.